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Freeda Cathcart has spent her life serving the people of Roanoke. She's been a strong voice on protecting our environment and will be a great advocate on the Blue Ridge Soil and Conservation Board.

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Freeda Cathcart will work to protect our trees and woodlands. Trees are important necessities to conserve our water and soil.

Freeda Cathcart was the first to report the Shenandoah Woodlands were at risk to be developed. She worked with her neighbors to create a petition to present to the city and Carilion to Save the Woodlands. She also assisted other neighborhoods to save the woodlands on Brandon Ave. Urban woodlands are often in floodplains or along streams. They have an important purpose to prevent flooding. They can also be a valuable amenity for people's mental and physical well being. Freeda supports "smart" growth by building on top of dead spaces like parking lots and preserving as much green space, especially trees, as possible.

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Freeda Cathcart is a dedicated water protector:

Freeda monitors and reports pollution in our streams to the appropriate government agencies. She has driven to Richmond many times to testify at the Virginia State Water Control Board about pollution she has witnessed from inadequate sediment and erosion controls. Our waterways support endangered species. Tourists come to Roanoke to enjoy our great outdoors including fishing, kayaking and other activities along our waterways.

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