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Vote Nov. 5

Freeda for Soil & Water Conservation Board

Freeda will protect our soil and water from extreme weather events.

Freeda's Plan:

  • Protect our woodlands, especially near floodplains. They help to prevent flooding and keep our soil from eroding.

  • Educate people about rain gardens and what they can do to prevent storm water damage.

  • Make sure localities get their fair share of funding to help them protect our soil and water.

Your generous donation of $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can give will help Freeda reach the voters to win a seat on the Soil and Water Conservation Board. Click on the link above to find out how to donate.

It takes a team of volunteers to win an election. Join our team of dedicated people to help Freeda win November 5. Click on the link above to learn about our many volunteer opportunities.

Freeda Cathcart has spent her life serving the people of Roanoke. She's been a strong voice for protecting our environment and will be a great advocate to represent Roanoke City on the Blue Ridge Soil and Water Conservation Board.

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