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Letters of Support:

Thank you Olivia Rhodin for your endorsement published in the Roanoke Times:

Freeda Cathcart will advocate to protect our land and water


"Freeda Cathcart will be an excellent director on the Blue Ridge Soil and Water Conservation Board. Freeda has a proven record of doing what’s right for the environment.

Over two decades ago, Freeda worked with her business partners to conserve the watershed and the old growth forest along the Little River. They were developing a farm into residences and businesses. Freeda understood the importance of protecting the land and advocated for creating a land trust a year before the Blue Ridge Land Conservancy came into existence.

Freeda used her corporate business experience to create the Artesia Corporation for the sole purpose of protecting the watershed and old growth forest. Protecting the environment resulted in providing a beautiful amenity for the residents and businesses which increased the value of their properties.

Directors are volunteers on the Blue Ridge Soil and Water Conservation Board. The board receives government funds that the directors are supposed to allocate to protect the environment. We can count on Freeda to advocate for Roanoke City to protect our land and water from harm. Her vision and persistence will benefit our city and entire region.

I will be voting November 5 for Freeda Cathcart. I hope you will join me.



Thank you Amazetta Anderson for your letter published in the Roanoke Times:

Vote for Freeda Cathcart

Because of my interest in ensuring the safety of our waterways, this letter is submitted in support of an advocate, I sincerely believe will support the interest of our Valleys well being environmentally and pray you shall publish it.

Freeda Cathcart has spent countless hours attending community meetings to learn about the challenges facing Roanoke City. Several bodies of water flow through our city. It’s imperative we protect them from pollution and erosion.

Freeda attended many presentations at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church to learn about our northwest community’s concern about protecting our environment. Our group was inspired by the smart economic growth being implemented in Pittsburgh.

One example is the Frick Environmental Center in Pittsburgh. It is a Living Building dedicated to experiential environmental education. Our group supported the idea of creating a nature conservancy center in northwest Roanoke to support our environment as well as boosting our economy.


Freeda will do an excellent job representing Roanoke City on the Blue Ridge Soil and Water Conservation Board. She will work to make sure Roanoke gets our fair share of government funding to help Roanoke.

November 5 I will gladly vote for Freeda Cathcart.



Thank you Taylor Stoneking for all your encouragement and for publishing this letter in the Roanoke Times to support my campaign:

Vote Cathcart for soil and water board

I am writing to support my mother, Freeda Cathcart, who is running for a position on the Blue Ridge Soil & Water Conservation Board this November 5th. My mother has always been a great civic leader and still to this day has a great passion for what she does.

I have lived in Roanoke my entire life and from an early age I was taught the importance of keeping the environment clean. Having lived next to Fishburn Park growing up, our mother would take us there to clean up trash and do our part to help keep the park clean.


Once I got older, I took classes at Virginia Western Community College and walked daily through the park to get to and from classes. It became second nature to me to clean up any trash I saw on my walks. I believe this was instilled in me from my mother.

From a very young age I can recall going to D.C. to a March for Breastfeeding. Since then I have helped my mother work on several campaigns as well as specific causes. She has served on many boards including being the President for the Roanoke Coop and the Grandin Court Neighborhood Association. Recently she has worked to protect the woodlands to prevent flooding in our neighborhood.


I have full confidence Freeda Cathcart will do a great job on the Blue Ridge Soil & Water Conservation Board. Please join me in voting for her on November 5.



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